Friday, August 10, 2012

The Maine Home - Inside & Outside ART Exhibit

The Chocolate Church  ART Gallery Presents The Maine Home - Inside & Outside.  ART Exhibit. Opening Reception,  Friday - August 10th, 5-7

You are invited to enjoy eight Artist's vision and interpretation of
The Maine Home. From Photography to Paintings.

Inspiration: The viewer will feel like a voyeur into the lives of some interesting and
sometimes funky, often old but always interesting Maine homes. We will also explore the gardens, structures and magic of the outdoors. 

Come and meet the Artists in this multi-discplined show.
Sara  Szwajkos - Photographer
Alison Rector   - Painter
Marsha Feller   -  Painter                
Hati Modr         -  Painter
Matthew Ahlers - Pottery
Ellen Thayer  -  Painter
Andrea Black  -  Painter
kdb-Karen Dominguez - Encaustic

This Exhibit runs through September 15th.

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