Monday, May 14, 2012

Edge of The Sea, Artist by Artist...

The Edge of the Sea is a very lively ART Exhibit. We have 11 Artist's participating in this show. The inspiration from Maine's 4000 miles of rocky coastline is evident. You will not be disappointed, stop in today.

We are so excited to feature the talents of Pam Cabanas, Pastel Artist. She is brilliant, Birds,  Islands, Landscape, Plants and Trees. She is truly an inspired person and she lives out near the end of the reach in a little town called Friendship.

 We are also featuring the sculptures of Anne Alexander. The texture, style and perfect definition of her shells are rich with color and intention. She is a keen observer of nature.

We are showing lovely paintings by Prentiss Weiss, a mid-coast Artist who is in love with the sea and the beauty of Maine. She and understands the nuances of the shape, texture and colors of shells that end up on the shoreline.  

Katharine Cartwright NSW is a talented Artist who lives out near Clarks Island, we are featuring her Watercolor and Oil paintings. Her passion for the Sea is evident in her finely executed paintings.

The Artist Jean Stephens hails from Rochester New York, but summers in mid-coast Maine. We are excited to show her Oil paintings depicting rock formations sculpted by continuous wave and wind action on the coastal reaches.

We are happy to have been able to include the accomplished Textile Artist Catherine Worthington. In this collection she takes her inspiration from the sea and salt ponds and Maine's abundant sea shells. What she can do with a bit of fabric, some paint and some thread along with her imaginative designs is truly a wonderful thing.
Jean Kigel is returning for this exhiibit, sharing her fine watercolors of Ocean creatures and shells. Her watercolors are rich in color and highly detailed.

Patricia Boissevain found  the shells for this collection of jewelry on the shoreline out at the edge of the Harpswells, her golden periwinkle's are pure magic when fashioned into a bracelet, earrings or necklace.

Andrea Black is a local Artist who has dabbled in the Art world since she was a young girl. She loves the sea and is all about color, texture and the subject at hand.

 Stan Tupper contributed his fantastic Steel and Stone lamp. He finds the rolled stones here on the mid-coast and chooses them in a careful manner so they can stack ever so artfully.

We also have work by kdb-Karen Dominguez, a local Artist who works mainly in Encaustics and has a passion for the edge of the sea. Most summer days if she is not in her studio, she is out walking on the edge of the sea on the rocky coast of Maine.  kdb is also the 2012 Curator for the Art Exhibits at this gallery.

A special thanks to Patricia Porell for the fun summer cottage Wicker Furniture. It is comfy and it is for sale!  "Timeless Cottage" New & Vintage Home Furnishings.

Also a special thanks to  Shankman & Associates for their very generous support of the Gallery Opening Night Refreshments.