Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Sea Around Us...

You are invited to experience “The Sea Around Us” ART Exhibit featuring several Maine Artists and their interpretations of the Sea.  We are pleased to feature these very talented Maine Artists

Felicity Sidwell
Rob Smith
Amanda Edwards
Howard Search

Anne Alexander
Judith Schuppien

Please join The Chocolate Church Art Gallery for a very special opening reception and meet the artists on July 26th.  It will be a visual experience filled with Artist’s, their Artwork and our wonderful Artist Community.

Anne Alexander, Howard Search, Judith Schuppien

Howard Search

Judith Schuppien

Rob, Smith, Anne Alexander, Judith Schuppien

kdb, Amanda Edwards

Amanda Edwards

Rob Smith

Judith Schuppien

Judith Schuppien

Birds of a Feather ART Exhibit...

"Birds of A Feather" ART Exhibit
This exhibit is filled with Paintings, Pastels, Encaustics, Ceramics and Carvings
of Birds and Art inspired by our special winged friends .
Come and join in the celebration of BIRDS.
Anne Alexander
Ed McCarton
Leon Vanella
Joan Siem
Kit Munroe-Meyers
Jean Noon
Maya Kuvaja
Teresa Lagrange
Heather Atwood
Virginia Purcell

Paintings, Photographs, Encaustic, Ceramic, Jewelry and Carvings.
This Exhibit runs May17th – July 26th 2013
Leon Vanella, Photographer & Virginia Purcell, Bird Carver

Anne Alexander, Sculpture & Joan Siem, Painter

Theresa Lagrange Illustrations & Heather Atwood Jewelry

Anne Alexander Sculpture

Birds of a Feather!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ART Opening- Fiddleheads and Springtime Pleasures

You are invited to an evening featuring Springtime inspired ART inside the gallery!
Friday March 22nd, 5-7 pm. 
Fiddleheads and Springtime Pleasures ART Exhibit
Come and join in the celebration of the coming season.

Featured Artists:
Martha Lentz
Heather Atwood
Robin Swennes
Maureen McHugh
Rachel Smith Maher
Katherine Gendreau
Elizabeth Hope

Paintings, Photographs, Encaustic, Ceramic and Assemblage.

This Exhibit runs March 22nd – May 11th
Please join The Chocolate Church Art Gallery for a very special opening reception and meet the Artists on
March 22nd. It will be a visual experience filled with Artist’s, their Artwork and Community.

The Chocolate Church ART Gallery, 804 Washington St., Bath, Maine.

Monday, February 4, 2013


Would you like to be showing your Art at The Chocolate Church ART Gallery?
We would love to consider YOU for an upcoming ART Exhibit.
Apply to be in...
"Fiddleheads & Springtime Pleasures"
and/or "Birds of a Feather"
Please email a few photos of your work and your website/blog/and facebook web addresses  to   k@kdbcurator.com
All Mediums will be considered- Paintings, Pastels, Encaustic, Photography, Sculpture, Ceramics and mixed media...

Fiddleheads & Springtime Pleasures
March 22nd-May 11th
After a long cold winter nothing warms the heart like Fiddlehead Ferns, Snowdrops and Daffodils popping up out of the ground. The leaves on the trees are an amazing shade of bright green and the birdies are singing their springtime songs. We will feature Paintings, Pastels, Photographs, and Sculpture up the center of the Gallery.
Birds of a Feather
May 17th-July 13th
Flock together! This springtime show will feature, Paintings of Nests, Eggs, Birds and
sculptures of Birds. The mediums may surprise you. We will be featuring Paintings,
Pastels, Photographs, Encaustic, Altered Art and Ceramic and Metal. This is a must for
any Art and Nature lover.
The Sea Around Us
July 19th-September 14th
The sea around us in mid-coast Maine is rich with inspiration. Tidal Pools, Salt Ponds,
Rocky Cliffs, Sandy Shores, Thundering Surf and Tidal Marshes make up the physical
landscape. A most interesting component of the sea and its environs are the creatures that
call this fragile eco-system home. We will feature Paintings, Pastels, Photographs,
Assemblage and Sculpture up the center of the Gallery. This is our special love letter to
the sea.
The Maine Woods
September 20th-November 2nd
A mysterious place, filled with majestic Trees, Ferns, Lichens, Granite Outcroppings and
an amazing array of Wildlife. This rich and vibrant Eco-System will be the focus of this
Exhibit. We will be honoring the spirit of this mystical part of Maine. We will be
featuring Paintings, Pastels, Photographs and Wooden Sculpture.
The Holiday Small Wonders Exhibit
November 8th-December 13th
Art & Fine Crafts, Great for Gift Giving and treating yourself to some beautiful Art.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Wonderland ART Exhibit, Opening NIght

Adam Tice, Painter
Meet the Artist's in this article and check out their very inspired work.
This Exhibit runs through March, stop in to the Chocolate Church Gallery today and be inspired by this wonderful collection. Winter can be a Wonderland.
We promise!
Felicity Sidwell, Painter

Jane Page-Conway, Encaustic Painter

Joan Cyr, Photographer

Janet Glatz, Painter

Rob Smith, Photographer

Leon Vanella, Photographer

Sara Cox, Delilah Pottery, Ceramic Artist

Winter Wonderland Opening Night

Winter Wonderland Opening Night

Winter Wonderland Opening Night

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Wonderland ART Exhibit

We have a wonderful Winter ART Exhibit coming together here at The Chocolate Church ART Gallery.
January 25th is opening night. 5-7
This Exhibit will be up through March 16th.

This Exhibit features some wonderful Photography by, Rob Smith, Joan Cyr, Leon Vanella and Jane Page Conway. Jane also works in Encaustics. Adam Tice is an Emerging Artist whose work is mysterious and color sense is unique. We are also lucky to feature Janet Glatz, an Acrylic Artist who was just accepted to a great show in New York City! kdb will be featuring Encaustic pieces. We also will be featuring some large Black and White Carved Porcelain Pieces from Sara Cox.


Rob Smith

Joan Cyr

               Jane Page Conway

Leon Vanella

                               Adam Tice


                                                     Sara Cox, Delilah Pottery