Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Gallery Schedule for 2012...

The Chocolate Church Art Gallery
2012 Exhibit Schedule…
We have an exciting line up for Art Exhibits this coming year.
All shows will feature a variety of mediums and a theme. We also will be featuring a live music presentation in the gallery on an evening during the third week of each show.

January 20th – March 3rd         A Midwinters Night Dream
Inspiration: The snow is piled upon the ground and the moon is shining brightly in a star filled sky. Incandescent blue and purple shadows mark the snow in shapes of leafless trees. The quiet cracking of ice on the rivers, lakes and ponds, is a beautiful sound akin to the extra cold climate of this far northern region.

March 9th – April 21st                  Springtime Floriade
Inspiration: Presented when we are in the grips of late winter early spring, this will be a treat for all. Featuring Floral Paintings and Photographs of Flowers & Gardens. Oversized Vases will be placed upon pedestals in the center space.

April 26th – June 9th                      Edge of the Sea
Inspiration: The Sea is a delicate Eco-System. The viewer can experience the magical living things that live at the very edge of the Intertidal zone. Fish inspired Sculptures will be swimming up the center of the Gallery.

June 15th – July 28th                     Summertime Whimsy
Inspiration: This perfectly bright and fun collection will be a vibrant edition for the summer crowds. The walls will be filled with bright colors and unexpected subject matter. We will feature painted and embellished sculptures of walking houses and weathervanes up the center space.

August 3rd – September 15th        Inside/Outside: Maine Home
Inspiration: The viewer will feel like a voyeur into the lives of some interesting and sometimes funky, often old but always interesting Maine homes. We will also explore the gardens, structures and magic of the outdoors all of this through the lenses of four Maine photographers. The center space will feature the works of two local furniture makers.

September 21st – November 3rd    Autumn Feast
Inspiration: Breaking bread after the harvest and sharing a feast is an archetypal activity. This show will feature a series of long tables up the center space. Each table will be set with different ceramic artists dinnerware and in the center will be large and small groupings of vases, holding the bounty of late autumn, such as twigs, bittersweet, and leaves. The walls will feature contemporary autumn themed paintings & fiber-arts.

November 9th – December 17th     The Annual Members Group Show
Inspiration: A thematic show, “Living On the Mid-Coast of Maine”.

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