Sunday, November 4, 2012

Autumn Feast Exhibit, Online Tour...

 The Autumn Feast Exhibit. September 21st-November 3rd.
We have created a virtual tour of this ART Exhibit. Enjoy!
The featured Artists are...
Anne Alexander – Ceramic Sculptures
Ed McCarton - Paintings
Peter Turner - Furniture
Lois Strickland - Paintings
Elizabeth Newman - Paintings
Richard Lauck – Iron Candlesticks
Anne Macleod - Pastels
Bob Delaney - Photography
Sara Cox - Pottery
Matthew deWolff Ahlers - Pottery
kdb-Karen Dominguez - Encaustic

  Anne Alexander-Ceramic Sculptures
 Anne Alexander-Ceramic Sculptures
 Anne Macleod-Pastel Artist
 Bob Delaney-Photograher
 Anne Macleod-Pastel Artist
kdb-Karen Dominguez-Encaustic Artist 
 Sara Cox Delilah Pottery-Ceramics
 Ed McCarton-Painter  Peter Turner-Fine Furniture Maker
 Ed McCarton-Painter
 Elizabeth Newman-Painter
 Lois Strickland-Painter
 Matt Ahlers-Ceramic, Sara Cox-Ceramic
 Peter Turner-Fine Furniture Maker
 Ricahard Lauck-Blacksmith
Sara Cox-Delilah Pottery


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