Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Wonderland ART Exhibit

We have a wonderful Winter ART Exhibit coming together here at The Chocolate Church ART Gallery.
January 25th is opening night. 5-7
This Exhibit will be up through March 16th.

This Exhibit features some wonderful Photography by, Rob Smith, Joan Cyr, Leon Vanella and Jane Page Conway. Jane also works in Encaustics. Adam Tice is an Emerging Artist whose work is mysterious and color sense is unique. We are also lucky to feature Janet Glatz, an Acrylic Artist who was just accepted to a great show in New York City! kdb will be featuring Encaustic pieces. We also will be featuring some large Black and White Carved Porcelain Pieces from Sara Cox.


Rob Smith

Joan Cyr

               Jane Page Conway

Leon Vanella

                               Adam Tice


                                                     Sara Cox, Delilah Pottery

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