Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Birds of a Feather ART Exhibit...

"Birds of A Feather" ART Exhibit
This exhibit is filled with Paintings, Pastels, Encaustics, Ceramics and Carvings
of Birds and Art inspired by our special winged friends .
Come and join in the celebration of BIRDS.
Anne Alexander
Ed McCarton
Leon Vanella
Joan Siem
Kit Munroe-Meyers
Jean Noon
Maya Kuvaja
Teresa Lagrange
Heather Atwood
Virginia Purcell

Paintings, Photographs, Encaustic, Ceramic, Jewelry and Carvings.
This Exhibit runs May17th – July 26th 2013
Leon Vanella, Photographer & Virginia Purcell, Bird Carver

Anne Alexander, Sculpture & Joan Siem, Painter

Theresa Lagrange Illustrations & Heather Atwood Jewelry

Anne Alexander Sculpture

Birds of a Feather!

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